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Jackpot Trap Results | 2023-2024 Season

November 25th, 2023

Well, we made it through November without having to shoot with snow on the ground. It was a cool day, with a breeze, but dry. I’m thinking that we won’t be able to say that much longer.

Only two 25 straights today, Mark Cameron and Mike Gunderson, and only one high score of 46, Don Campbell. Nice shooting guys.

1st Class
Don Campbell   46

2nd Class
John Podergois   40

Ties = Handicap from the front.

November 18th, 2023

It was a perfect November day at the MGC traps. Not a cloud in the sky, temperature got to 56 degrees with a light SW breeze. It couldn’t have gotten any better for this time of year.
With the Thanksgiving turkeys on the line things got off to a fast start. First squad out Ray Monson and Jimmy Bowen claimed their turkeys and it went from there. Jeff Rempel, on the 2nd squad out, claimed his turkey by running the singles and finishing up with a 49. That held for awhile but a few squads later Jimmy Bowen missed a singles target and ran the handicap for a tying 49.

We did award all 10 turkeys with mostly 25 straights and a few 24’s. The Turkey winners with 25 straights were….Ray Monson, Jimmy Bowen, Jeff Remple, Tom Lewic, Dale Otis, Don Campbell and Dave Smith.  For 24’s…..Lenny Lindquist, Jerry Chellgren, and Gary Pederson. Great shooting everyone.

Now to the Lewis Class winners….and I didn’t flip the coin or call it. :>)

1st Class
Jimmy Bowen      49
Jeff Rempel          49

2nd Class
Chuck McMacken     46
Dave Smith               46

3rd Class
Terry Peterson     44
Jeff Rempel         44

Ties = Handicap from the back.

Thanks to everyone who shot today. The staff at MGC wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving. If you’re traveling, travel safe.

November 11th, 2023

I was on the fence as to wether to carry the scores over to next Saturday or give credit to those that did shoot. Giving credit sounds better, so here it is.

It was a cloudy, breezy and chilly day at the MGC traps Saturday and not many participants. The temp got to the mid 40’s but the “breeze” was 12-25 mph from the east. High score for the day was a 46, there were three of them, and two 25 straights. Don Campbell, Ray Monson and Brad Luke posted the 46’s and Brad shot both 25 straights. Great shooting guys.

This coming Saturday MGC will host their annual Thanksgiving Turkey Jackpot. Shoot a 25 straight in either singles or handicap and you’ll receive a delicious turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. One per person. If there isn’t enough 25’s we’ll drop down to the next high score until they’re gone. All 10 of them.

1st Class
Brad Luke   46

2nd Class
Dan Frye     41

Ties = Singles from the back

November 4th, 2023

It was a very nice day at the MGC traps. Sunshine, temps in the upper 40’s and a 4 mph breeze. Ray Monson started things out with a 25 straight in singles and posted a 47. Ray had two 25 straights in singles and Dave Carter had one. Doing it the hard way with 25 straights in handicap were Paul Koch and Jack Swanson. Nice shooting guys.
Paul Koch missed one target in singles, ran the handicap for high score of the day 49. It appears that Paul has this Jackpot shooting down. That’s his second 49 recently.

The annual MGC Thanksgiving Turkey shoot will be on November 18th. Mark you calendars.

1st Class
Paul Koch    49
Dave Carter  48

2nd Class
Dave Carter   43
Ray Monson  43

Ties = Handicap from the back

Enjoy the nice weather. Hope to see you next week.

October 28th, 2023

It was a chilly day at the MGC traps but the scores were good and ALL the pies got claimed with 25 straights. Low 30’s for temps, cloudy with a doable 6-12 mph NW breeze.

First squad out, post 1, Scott Messenger started it off with a 25 straight and claimed his pie right away. The rest of the pie eaters were, Don Campbell, Dennis Kecker, Jim Lambert, Dennis Minks, David Smith, Tom Lewic, Dan Frye, Terry Peterson, and Eric Gunderson. Nice shooting everyone.

Now Don Campbell could have gotten his pie with either his singles score OR his handicap score…..Yup, on a not so nice day he ran the 50 straight. Great shooting Don.

There were two shooters, David Smith and Dennis Minks, that tied with 49’s and for the FIRST TIME in 15? years they tied for the Lewis Class payout. The flips were Singles from the back. They both ran the singles so then it went to handicap from the back, then handicap from the front. Turned out that they both missed the same target.!!! Way to go Dave and Dennis. 

Thanks to everyone who shot today. Enjoy those pies!!!

1st Class
Don Campbell     50
Dave Smith and Dennis Minks     49

2nd Class
Terry Peterson     44
Scott Messenger  44

3rd Class
Scott Messenger   41
Mark Cameron       41

Ties = every which way.

October 21st, 2023

A blustery day at the MGC traps. 18 mph N NW wind with 33 mph gusts. It made the targets climb and curl…..sometimes. The rights were grass cutters at times. But the sun was out and that made for a nice fall day. Only three 25 straights today. Gary Pederson, Dennis Kecker and Eric Gunderson. Great shooting guys.

Besides shooting a 25 straight Gary Pederson wowed everyone by posting a 48 today. Next high score was a 45!! Nice going Gary, way to shoot in the wind.

Next Saturday is the MGC Halloween Pumpkin Pie Jackpot shoot. Shoot a 25 straight in either singles or handicap and you’ll win a delicious pumpkin or apple pie. We’ll have 10 pies to award and if there isn’t ten 25’s we’ll drop down to the next high score until they’re gone. One per person. This will be in addition to the regular Daily Lewis Class payouts.
Start time is 10 am. Bring buckets of shells and have a good time.

Thanks to everyone who shot today.

1st Class
Gary Pederson       48
Eric Gunderson       45

2nd Class
Tom Lewic         41
Jeff Rempel       40

Ties = Singles from the back.

Have a good week. Hope to see you next Saturday.

October 14th, 2023

A typical October day at the MGC traps today. Sun to start but it clouded up and a 15 mph NW wind put a little chill in the air. But, after 3-4 inches of rain it felt “Ok”.

The cooler temps didn’t bother Paul Koch though. After a warm-up round of 46 he posted a 49 his next time out for high score of the day. Nice shooting Paul.

Five 25 straights today and Becky Kelly with her new to her gun posted one of them and she won money. Congrats Becky with that DB 81 smoke pole.

In 2 weeks, MGC will be hosting their annual Halloween Pumpkin Pie Jackpot. Shoot a 25 straight in either Singles or Handicap and you’ll take home a scrumptious pumpkin or apple pie. If the pies this year are like last year’s, you’ll be able to feed a family of 8. They’re huge and delicious. We’ll see if we can find a Carmel Apple Walnut Crunch for high score.

Mark’s $5 breakfast today was a Denver Scramble and outta this world bacon. It was goooood.

Thanks to everyone who shot today.

1st Class
Paul Koch      49
John Kelly      46

2nd Class
Becky Kelly    42
Mike Gunderson    42

Ties = Singles from the front, then singles from the back, then Handicap from the front.

October 7th, 2023

A very nice Fall day at the MGC traps today. Sunshine, a little bit of a breeze, and 52 degrees. We all know that it could be worse.
Second squad out, John Kelly set the bar with a very well shot 49. And, as we’ve seen so many times before, he dropped that target on his last post.

Later in the day Curt Peterson was on track to do the same thing but he took some deep breaths on that last post and ran ran the  FIFTY STRAIGHT. Ya u betcha Curt ran ’em and played the Perpetual Purse too. He did good. He went home with a bunch of cash and a flat of shells. Nice shooting Curt…..and John.

Thanks to everyone who shot today.

1st Class
Curt Peterson       50
John Kelly             49

2nd Class
Dan Frye              44
Glenn Linden        44

3rd Class
Tom Lewic             41
Tom Lewic             41

Ties = Singles from the front.

Next Saturday we’ll do it again. Hope to see you there. FYI Mark has been cooking up Saturday breakfast eggs, sausage, bacon. $5.00

Curt Peterson – 50 Straight

September 30th, 2023

A very nice and very warm fall day at the MGC traps. With the nice conditions the participation was great along with the scores. Thanks to everyone who shot today or stopped by for the banter.

First squad out, Ray Monson set the pace with a 49, and that was with him missing his last target!! Sorry Ray, I had to mention it. Nice shooting Ray. A few squads later Tom Sletta posted a 49 and Curt Peterson and John Kelly did too. Nice shooting guys. That illusive 50 straight will have to happen on a different day. We’ll have to see if we have any more nice days like this.

11Ray Monson49
2Curt Peterson49
21Eric Gunderson47
2Ray Monson47
31Cheryl Demulling45
2Curt Peterson45
41Mike Gunderson43
2Dennis Minks43
Ties = Singles from the front, then singles from the back, then Handicap from the front then Handicap from the back.

We’ll be holding the Jackpot shoots every Saturday until April, so c’mon out while the weather is good.

Enjoy the nice weather while we have it.

September 3rd, 2023 – Warm Up

Jackpot Shooters, when was the last time you can remember saying, “It was really warm out shooting Jackpot today” ? Well, today was the day. It got to 97 today with a little bit of a breeze and sunshine. The targets were just a floating in the sky.

It was a decent turnout today and the day was just right to pluck that Perpetual Purse money. It came close but that one target is so important.
47’s were high for a while then a couple 48’s came in and then high score of the day, a 49 shot by Jerry Demulling. Nice shooting Jerry. You came close.

The regular Jackpot Season will start on September 30th and will run until April. The Perpetual Purse will be a $3 option each week if you want to go for the money. Daily cash prizes by Lewis Class rules are included in your entry.

1st Class
Jerry Demulling   49
Paul Koch            48

2nd Class
Mark Cameron     45
Mike Gunderson   45

Ties = Handicap from the back.

Thanks to everyone who shot today. Hope to see you on September 30th.

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