Jackpot Trap Results | 2021-2022 Season

Well, we got ‘er done. It wasn’t the best weather but certainly not the worst….by a long shot. It was windy and cool all day. The sun did come out but the wind chill temp never made it above 32 degrees due to the 15 to 30 mph “breeze”.

We got the 10 hams handed out but with only FOUR 25 straights. Bob Meyer put dibs on the first one on the first squad out, and Ray Monson, Jeff Rempel and Derek Fischer got their’s. Great shooting guys. For 24’s, Dennis Kecker, Leon Houle, Dale Otis, Tom Lewic, Tony Brand and Gary Pederson. Nice shooting !!! Dennis also was High Gun for the day with a 47. Nice shooting Dennis. For those that didn’t pick up your ham today….we put them on ice for you.

The food…….was outstanding today, and it ALL went down the hatch. THANK YOU to everyone who brought something to share today. The food today was worth showing up for….the target shooting was secondary.

Also, THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the MGC Jackpot season. It was a tough winter and that made it even more special, and appreciated, to those that shot. 

Regular Lewis Class Winners.
1st Class
Dennis Kecker     47
Derek Fischer      46

2nd Class
Eric Gunderson    42
Eric Gunderson    42

3rd Class
Terry Peterson    40
David Maples     40

4th Class
Ray Monson      39
Tony Brand        39

5th Class
Terry Peterson   37
Jerry Chellgren  37

6th Class
Mark Cameron   34
John Larson/John Houle  34

Ties = Handicap from the front, then Handicap from the back, then Singles from the front, then Singles from the back. John Larson and John Houle tied every way possible so they split the 6th Class second place. I think that might be the 2nd time in all the years of Jackpot that it went right to the end.

$1000.00 Added Money Lewis Class Winners.
1st Class
Jeff Rempel     45
Ray Monson    45

2nd Class
Ray Monson    42
Eric Gunderson   42

3rd Class
Scott Steffen    41
Jimmy Bowen  41

4th Class
Ray Monson    39
Eric Gunderson   39

5th Class
Mark Cameron    38
Brad Luke           38

6th Class
Mike Gunderson   35
Tom Lewic            35

Ties = Singles from the front.

Happy Easter everyone. Have a safe summer and hopefully we’ll see you on the line at a registered shoot. Those shoots are really practice for the Jackpots.

Jimmy Bowen

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