Minneapolis Gun Club Handicap Championship 2017


The 2017 Minneapolis Gun Club Handicap Championship was held with some of the best weather that many could remember. Temps is the 70’s and just enough of a breeze to make it comfortable.

Friday started with the Dakota Custom Guns Singles followed by the Plaza Dental Handicap and some good scores were turned in. Kory Miller and David Harris tied in AA with 97’s with Kory taking the win with a coin flip. In A class a pair of 99’ were turned in by Jim Walkowiak and Kyle Dupont. Walkowiak forfeited giving Kyle the win. Charlie Buehler took B class with a 97, David Palm in Class with a 96 and Buzz Evans D Class with a 93.

Saturday was the MGC Handicap Championship and many of the past Champions were in attendance hoping to “Double” up like Jerry Demulling and Kory Miller have done. Kallista Roers, one of the MN up and coming High School shooters set the pace with a 94 and that was looking good until John Kelly came in with a 95. John ended up holding on and winning the Championship with a 189 combined score for the 200 targets. Kallista came in 4th place and went home with some money. At the end of the day Saturday everybody was treated to a roast pig dinner compliments of Neil Winston. Thank you Neil.

Sunday was another very nice day and Singles, Handicap and Doubles were contested.

MGC would like to thank all the competitors for making the shoot a good time. Hope to see all again next year.


Dakota Custom Guns Singles

AA…..Kory Miller 97

A…….Kyle Dupont 99

B…..Charlie Buehler 97

C…..David Palm 96

D….Buzz Evans    93

Plaza Dental Handicap

25-27 yd……Kory Miler 97

22 – 24 yd….Todd Hering 96

18 – 21.5 yd….Terry Peterson 94



Saturday 200 Target Championship

Top 10 Scores

John Kelly 189

Joel Johnson 187

Hunter Brown 186

Kallista Roers 185

Larry Compton 185

Alex Steffens 184

Troy Haverly 184

Scott Prafke 184

Jimmy Brand 183

Troy Christiansen 183

Daniel Balling 183

Darwn Bridgland 183

Don Lowden 183






Valley Buick GMC Singles

AA……Colton Sherman 99

A…….Brody Padgett 99

B…….Jason Haroldson 98

C……Barrett Swenson 99

D…….Catie Amy 94

100 Straight Handicap

25 – 27 yds…..Jim Walkowiak 92

22 – 24.5……Benjamin Moullet 94

18 – 21.5……Kallista Roers 96

Lighting Fundamentals Doubles

AA……Brody Padgett 97

A……..John Kelly 98

B……..Robert Newman 93

C…….Morgan Psyk 87 over Charlie Buehler 87 46 to 41

D…….Jeff Ringlein 82

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