Christine Lawson Post High School Scholarship


The Minneapolis Gun Club (MGC) Board f Directors has established a Scholarship in the memory of our former employee, Christine, to be known as the “Christine Lawson Post High School Scholarship”.

This $1000.00 scholarship may be awarded annually to a graduating MGC employee pursuing a post secondayr degree or certificate.  Eligible candidates must have been employed at MGC for at least one calendar year.

Each eligible candidate must submit to the MGC the following:

  1. Written proof of high school graduation
  2. Written proof of acceptance or enrollment in a post secondary education or vocational program at an accredited institute
  3. A recommendation letter from one MGC member
  4. A letter from the candidate setting forth why they feel they should be considered a worthy recipient of the scholarship

Items 1 through 4 above must be submitted to the Manager of the MGC by each eligible candidate no later than June 30th of the year that the scholarship is to be awarded.  The scholarship will be awarded no later than August 1st of that year.

Recipients Include:

2020           Eric Gunderson

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2020-scholarship-eric-gunderson-800x600.jpg

2019           Kory Miller

2018           Amber RobinsonThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is MGC-Scholarship-Amber-Robinson-2018-450x800.jpg

2017           Ryan Baer

2016           Adam Jarnigan

2015            Jessica Singewald

MGC Christmas Party 003

2014            Marissa Mattsen


Marissa Mattsen

2013            Dan Hesch

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2012             John Aura

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