Jackpot Trap Results | 2014-2015 Season

A beautiful day at the MGC traps. A little cloudy to start the day, and breezy, but the sun came out and the temps warmed up to make for a nice day for the Finale.

The wind kept the high score at 47, not even Dennis could pull off another 50 straight, but he was busy gloating over the $100.00 in pennies that he got from last week. He just kept looking at that bucket filled to the top and saying, “you gotta be shitting me”.

Today was the day to put a long string of hits together, even if it was 2 in a row. All in all there were 24 places paid between the daily payout and the $1000.00 added money. There were separate coin flips for each one and that made it interesting. As you’re going to see, Scott Steffen made a haul and Jerry Demulling did pretty good too.

The Daily Jackpot Results;

1st Class….Troy “Smoooth” Smith 47….Jerry Demulling 47

2nd Class….Curt Peterson 45….Jerry Demulling 45

3rd Class….Mark Cameron 43….Curt Peterson 43

4th Class….Mark Cameron 41….Lucky Lomker 41

5th Class….Scott Steffen 38….Scott Again 38

6th Class….Tony Winick 35….Leo Switala 35

Ties = Handicap from the front…and then some.

The Jackpot Finale $1000.00 added $$$

1st Class….Jerry Demulling 47….Curt Peterson 47

2nd Class….Jerry Demulling 45….Cheryl Demulling and Scott Messenger tied 45

3rd Class….Steve Richards 43….Bob Wiltse 43

4th Class….Lucky Lomker 41….Scott Steffen 41

5th Class….Scott Steffen 38….Scott Steffen 38

6th Class….Leo Switala 35… Troy “Smoooth” Smith 35

Ties = every way you could think of.

Thanks to everyone who participate in the MGC Jackpot Shoots this season. We are looking forward to seeing all of you on the trap line this summer practicing up for next season which we will do our 2 day “warm up” Labor Day weekend to get things started.

Have a good, safe, summer and big scores for everyone.

Jimmy Bowen

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