Jackpot Trap Results | 2015-2016 Season

What a great day to have the 2015/2016 MGC Jackpot Finale!! Blue sky, a “reasonable” south breeze, charcoal grilled brat’s, and lots of nice flying White Flyer Targets. The scores came in fast and furious from the get go. Ken Norman posted a 49 on one of the first squads out, 3 more were posted throughout the day and on one of the last squad’s out, Scott Steffen posted another one. Jerry Demulling, Curt Peterson and Ray Monson posted the other one’s. Great shooting guy’s.!!! You wont see it on the Lewis Class postings but there were four 48’s shot also. We had a good mix of guns being used today, there was even 1 Kreighoff in attendance, but again, a Bowen gun took home the most $$$.

MGC would like to thank everyone who participated throughout the season and hope you all have a great summer and remember, the more of those registered “Jackpot practice” shoots you go to, the better prepared you’ll be for the next Jackpot season. Plans are to open the 2016/2017 MGC Jackpot season over Labor Day Weekend with a Saturday/Sunday shoot. We’ll keep you posted.

The daily Lewis Class Winners.

1st Class
Ray Monson 49
Ken Norman 49

2nd Class
Ken Norman 46
Jerry Demulling 46

3rd Class
Ben Hines 45
Don McClary 45

4th Class
Jimmy Bowen 44
Bob Wiltse  44

5th Class
Ray Monson 43
Mark Hintz 43

6th Class
Robbie Bohr 40
Bob Wiltse 40

Ties = Singles from the back

$1000.00 Added Money Lewis Class Winners

1st Class
Scott Steffen 49
Curt Peterson 49

2nd Class
Scott Messenger 47
Curt Peterson 47

3rd Class
Jimmy Bowen 45
Jimmy Bowen 45

4th Class
Lenny Lindquist 44
John Podergois 44

5th Class
Jack Swanson 43
Lucky Lomker 43

6th Class
Mark Cameron 41
Jay Neitzel  41

Ties = Handicap from the back

Hope to see you on the shooting line this summer.

Jimmy Bowen

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Due to the High School State Championship, MGC will be closed to open shooting from Tuesday, June 25th thru Thursday June 27th.