Jackpot Trap Results | 2022-2023 Season

FINALLY…..A beautiful spring day at the MGC traps. Last week we were shoveling out from a 8.5″ wet, heavy, snow storm. Today, a week later, 64 degrees, lots of sunshine and a moderate SE breeze.
The Easter Ham’s were on the line in addition to the $1000 added money for those that qualified. The 24’s were coming in but it took six squads to get the 1st 25 straight!! Ray Monson posted the first one then Curt Peterson and Jimmy Bowen posted them. A total of eight 25’s came in but some had multiples. Ray posted two, Curt three, Bowen three. Nice shooting guy’s.
The ham winners with 25’s were the three mentioned. With 24’s…Don Campbell, Glenn Linden, Mike Peck, Jeff Rempel, Mark Cameron, Tom Lewic, and Mark Cameron.
Enjoy those delicious ham’s to those that won them. Good shooting everyone.
45’s were a popular number until Ray Monson strolled in with a 47 to wake everybody up. Next squad in, Bowen put up a 48. Ray said “that ain’t good enough” and went out with his “money” gun and busted 49 of them. That score was looking really good, and it is a good score, but….there’s always a “but”, Bowen came in with one to tie things up. And that ended up being high score for the day.
Now, onto the coin flips for long runs. There was a flip for the Daily Lewis and another one for the added money class. Here’s the results……Daily Lewis Class first.
1st Class
Ray Monson    49
Jimmy Bowen  49
2nd Class
Jimmy Bowen  45
Derek Fischer  45
3rd Class
Dennis Kecker  43
Tom Lewic          43
4th Class
Doug Dingman  41
Mike Peck          41
5th Class
Glenn Linden    39
Mark Cameron  39
Ties = Singles from the back then singles from the front then handicap from the back.
$1000 added money Lewis Class
1st Class
Jimmy Bowen    49
Ray Monson      49
2nd Class
Jimmy Bowen  46
Gary Pederson 46
3rd Class
Gary Pederson    43
Tom Lewic          43
4th Class
Tom Lewic      42
Ray Monson    42
5th Class
Dan Frye      40
Brad Luke      40
6th Class
Mark Cameron    39
Eric Gunderson  38
Ties = Singles from the front then singles from the back then handicap from the front.
THANK YOU EVERYBODY that supported MGC throughout the Jackpot Season. We’ll get it revved up again in September.
Have a good, safe, summer. Hopefully we’ll run into each other at a registered shoot this summer.
Jimmy Bowen

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