Jackpot Trap Rules and Information

  1. Show up and have fun
  2. Pay your entry ($20)
  3. Shoot as many times as you want
  4. 25 16-yard targets — 25 Handicap Targets
  5. 25 yard minimum on handicap. If your ATA handicap classification is 26 or 27 yards, that is where you shoot your handicap targets from
  6. Payout will be based on a Lewis Class system. The number of classes will depend on how many entries there are
  7. Special prizes are subject to change
  8. Jackpot trap shoots will beginning September and end in April
  9. For each 50 straight you shoot, you will move back one yard on handicap. 27 yard maximum
  10. Anyone who enters 20 times or more will be eligible for the end of the season Final Jackpot added money. Lewis Class rules
  11. Club rules will preside over the event. This is not an ATA registered event
  12. Rules are subject to change

Lewis Class Rules

  1. If an odd number of entries necessitates one or more classes, the classes are made to be as equal as possible and the “short” classes head the list
  2. Whenever the division line falls among tie scores, the contestants are assigned to the class containing the majority of the scores
  3. When an equal number of scores appear on either side of the line, these scores constitute the head of the lower class
  4. In spite of changes caused to classes affected by the above rules the remainder of the original divisions remain as they were for the rest of the classes
  5. In the case of a tie a coin toss will determine the long run tie breakers. First toss will determine singles or handicap. The second toss will determine, long run from the front or the back
  6. In the event there is still a tie, the next tie breaker will go to the opposite of the initial long run and if a tie still exists it will then of to the alternate discipline (singles or handicap) and begin in the original front/back order.
    Beyond these scenarios, ties will divide

Example: if there is a tie score and the flip is singles from the front and there are multiple ties from the front, then it would go to singles from the back. If there are still multiple ties then it would go to handicap from the front. If there are still ties, it would go to handicap from the back.

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Due to the High School State Championship, MGC will be closed to open shooting from Tuesday, June 25th thru Thursday June 27th.