Jackpot Sporties Rules and Information

  1. Show up on Sundays and have fun
  2. Pay your entry
  3. Shoot as many times as you want. Shooting starts at 10:00am. Shooting will end when all entries have shot for the day or 4:00pm, whichever comes first
  4. $20 per entry. $5 per entry into the pot. $1 per entry into final jackpot
  5. Shoot 2 menus – 1 per round
  6. Up to 14 entries there will be two classes, one place split 50/50. With 15 or more entries Lewis Class rules will apply with two places per class
  7. Coin flip for tie breaking in Lewis Class is as follows:
    First flip – heads = first menu, tails = second menu
    Second flip – heads = runs from the front, tails = runs from the back
  8. 12 entires minimum for final Jackpot which is also Lewis Class based
  9. Like everything else, rules are subject to change
  10. Jackpot Sporties will begin the first weekend in October and end will be announced by management

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