Sept 5 Jackpot

What a beautiful day at the MGC traps. Lot’s of sunshine with a nice W/NW wind. Not a huge turnout, but we had fun shooting and shootin the breeze.
First squad out Jerry Demulling posted a 25 in singles but Cheryl kicked his butt and beat him by 1 so she had bragging rights…..until he went out and shot again. :>)
The perpetual purse was in jeopardy for a while, it’s sitting at $672, but Jerry missed ONE for a 49. Nice shooting Jerry. There were 2 48’s on the board, Jerry had one and Eli Doelz, one of our scorers at MGC posted the other. Again, nice shooting.
This was the Warm-up and we’ll get the Jackpot’s going every Saturday starting September 25th.
1st Class
Jerry Demulling  49
Jerry Demulling  48
2nd Class
Terry Peterson  43
Ken Norman      43
Ties = Singles from the back.
Thanks to everyone who shot today, Hope to see you on the 25th.
Jimmy Bowen

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