Sept 4 Jackpot kickoff

A beautiful day at the MGC traps, couldn’t have asked for a nicer day. Mid 70’s, a slight NE breeze, and plenty of sunshine.

Not a lot of play today…..might have been too nice to shoot???

High score for a while was a 46…..but you know that it gets better than that. A 49 and a 50 straight came in and for Jerry Demulling, all that registered practice he had been doing all summer paid off. But, there were some questions about that 50 straight. A quick discussion and SHE made HER final ruling….it was a 50 straight. YES, Cheryl Demulling was the scorer!!!! What she didn’t see was that chip off of that Bowen characters first target on Singles. Well, nobody else did either.

As we get closer to the October 1st MGC Jackpot season I’ll send an email out with the particulars.

1st Class

Jerry Demulling   50

2nd Class

Sean Cameron   44

Ties = Singles from the front.

Thanks to those that shot today, hopefully this weather sticks around for awhile.

Jimmy Bowen

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