Sep 29

A cold, cloudy day today with just enough of a breeze to send a chill down your spine. Never got to 50 degrees. We had to tell ourselves that a day like this in March would feel balmy. Didn’t work for me.

In spite of the conditions there are always those that don’t let it bother them. Dennis Kecker and Scott Steffen both posted 49’s. Great shooting guy’s.

Thanks to everyone who shot today.

1st Class
Dennis Kecker 49
Scott Steffen 49

2nd Class
Scott Steffen 44
David Maples 44

3rd Class
Mark Hintz 41
Bruce “Lucky” Lomker 41

Ties = Singles from the front then Singles from the back then Handicap from the front.

Next Saturday we’ll do it again. Hopefully the weather will be a little nicer. Hope to see you there.

Jimmy Bowen


Jim Walkowiak

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