Sep 05

  • A beautiful day at MGC…some were calling it perfect. And with perfect weather comes perfect scores. Today was Jerry Demulling day. Jerry, along with some others, shot very well. Stormin Ken Norman started it out with posting a 49 on the second squad out. Jerry with his 50, Cheryl Demulling with a 48, and Jerry with another, oh so close, 49. Outstanding shooting everyone !!!

    And part of Jerry’s good fortune today was playing the $3.00 Perpetual Purse which netted him a cool $175.00. I hope he buys a Lottery ticket tonight.

    MGC will start the regular 2020/2021 Jackpot season on September 26th. I’ll send a reminder email as we get closer.

    1st Class
    Jerry Demulling  50
    Jerry Demulling  49

    2nd Class
    Charlie Leavitt  46
    Jimmy Bowen      46

    Here come the Olson’s….
    3rd Class
    Jeff Olson    44
    Jeff Olson    44

    4th Class
    Daryll Olson  41
    Chuck McMacken 40

    Ties = Handicap from the front then Handicap from the back.

    Thanks to everyone who shot today. Have a great rest of the weekend.

    Jimmy Bowen

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