Oct 9

Another BEAUTIFUL day at the MGC traps. SEVENTY-FIVE degrees and a nice SE breeze. Some sun this morning then a little overcast in the afternoon. The scores were again good today….just one short of last week.
Curt Peterson was the big winner last week, be sure to check the attached picture, and this week Dale Otis and Jerry Chellgren were back to do some damage. Curt posted a 47 on the first squad out and Scott Steffen posted the same on the second squad out. Third squad out Dale said “the heck with that” and posted a 49….the hard way. He missed a singles target and ran the handicap. Great shooting you guy’s.
Ninth squad out, Jerry Demulling was just a smokin targets, running ’em all……until the last one. Yup, it got away from him….for a 49. We’ve all been there Jerry….and feel your pain.
1st Class
Dale Otis              49
Jerry Demulling    49
2nd Class
Dale Again         46
Jerry Chellgren  46
3rd Class
Mark Cameron    44
Mike Gunderson  44
Ties = Handicap from the front.
Reminder. We will have the kitchen open for breakfast and lunch on Saturdays. Breakfasts are really good and reasonably priced.
On October 30th MGC will be hosting our annual Halloween Pumpkin Pie Shoot. More details as we get closer.
Thanks to everyone who participated today or showed up for the banter. There’s always that. Hope to see you next Saturday.
Jimmy Bowen
See the above one.
Jimmy Bowen

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