Oct 31

A BREEZY day today at the MGC traps. But, it was warm and the sun was out for most of the day. Mid fifties and it really felt good compared to what we’ve been having.

The 25’s were a little slow coming in but we got more than I thought we would. Great shooting to those that got them. Curt Peterson was on a terror again today and posted high score and got the special “High Score” pie to enjoy. Nice shooting Curt.

The pie winners for 25’s are….Scott Steffen, Glenn Linden, Gary Pederson, Brad Luke, Leo Switala, Leo Brand, and Curt Peterson. 24’s were John Podergois, Ken Norman, Chuck McMacken, and Mike Gunderson. Enjoy ’em everybody.

1st Class
Curt Peterson  48
Gary Pederson  47

2nd Class
Glenn Linden  44
Brad Luke      44

3rd Class
Jimmy Bowen  42
Mark Hintz    42

Ties = Handicap from the front, then Handicap from the back, then Singles from the front.

THANK YOU to everyone who shot today. Next Saturday, same time, same place. Hope to see you there.

Jimmy Bowen

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