Oct 29

Another very nice day at the MGC traps. 66 degrees with a SW wind, 12-20 mph, and the bluest sky’s you could hope for. Lots of participants to shoot for the HUGE pumpkin and apple pies…10 of them were given away. Derek Fischer led the way again today, 1st squad, 1st post, and Derek ran the singles to claim the first pie of the day and he posted a 47 besides. Nice shooting Derek. Lots of 47’s today and the scores didn’t get much better than that. The wind played with the targets again and some were just hard to track…when they’re diving or climbing at the last second.


Four 48’s ended up tying for first place. Scott Steffen, Dan Frye, Derek Fischer and Jimmy Bowen. The coin flip went Singles from the front and that took out Scott and Dan.


Pie winners posting a 25 straight. Derek Fischer, Jim Lambert, Ray Monson, Jimmy Bowen, Glenn Linden, Chuck McMacken, and Jerry Chellgren. Jerry got his 25 straight in Handicap. Pies for 24’s Scott Steffen, Dan Frye, and Eric Gunderson. Great shooting everybody. I did have a score called in from the Tucson Trap Club for a 50 straight and wanting 2 pies but with the time change……they were all gone already. :>(


Thanks to everyone who brought food to share today. There was a good selection and everything tasted GREAT. Also, thanks to everyone who participated and made for a fun day.


1st Class

Jimmy Bowen     48

Derek Fischer     48


2nd Class

Lenny Lindquist   46

Curt Peterson      46


3rd Class

Ray Monson       44

Tom Lewic          44


4th Class

Ray Again          42

Tom Again          42


5th Class

Dan Frye           40

Derek Fischer    40

Some of these guys have this Lewis Class thing figured out!!!


Ties = Singles from the back then Singles from the front then Handicap from the back.


The weather is looking good for next Saturday…..Hope to see you at MGC. Have a good week.


Jimmy Bowen

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