Oct 27

Another nice day at the MGC Traps. Lots of sunshine, 50 degrees, a breeze blowing from the SW enough to make it interesting. And pies for prizes….big delicious pies!!!

So, first squad out, post 1, and Ed Dietz runs the singles and gets himself a pie!!! Nice shooting Ed. As you’ll see, Ed kept his streak going by getting in a 4 way tie and taking first place. Ed, John Podergois, Sandy Jack and Ray Monson all posted 47’s. Great shooting everyone.

The pie winners for posting 25 straights were, Ed Dietz, John Podergois, Sandy Jo Jack, Dennis Minks, and Boooby Munson Jr. Mark Hintz. We went to 24’s as they came in….Dennis Kecker, Jack Swanson, Scott Steffen, Leo Switala, and Mike Gunderson. Great shooting !!!

Be sure to check the pictures out showing most of the happy winners.

1st Class
Ed Dietz        47
John Podergois  47

2nd Class
Leo Switala    44
Jack Swanson  44

3rd Class
Len Lindquist  41
Mike Gunderson  41

Ties = Singles from the back, then singles from the front, then handicap from the back.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the MGC Halloween Jackpot. Hope to see you next Saturday.

Jimmy Bowen

Ed Dietz, Mike Gunderson, Dennis Minks, Scott Steffen, Leo Switala and Sandy Jo Jack
Sandy Jo showing her Halloween Spirit
Ed Diets the Happy multiple winner!
Scott Steffen and Sandy Jo focusing on the prize.

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