Oct 24

It was a WINTER WONDERLAND at the MGC traps today. Lots of snow on the ground and temps starting out in the mid 20’s getting ALL the way up to 30 degrees. At least the wind wasn’t too bad and made for some good targets….for some of us.

Who would have thought that on a day like today that a 50 straight would be posted??? Well, Curt Peterson, that’s who. Curt has been on a terror lately and he certainly didn’t slow down today. Nice shooting Curt !!! And, Dennis Mink’s wasn’t too far behind. Dennis ran the singles and was on his last post on Handicap before he dropped ONE for a 49. That was great shooting too Dennis. Nice job, both of you.

Today the pie’s were on the line too. It looked slim for a while that any 25 straights would be posted but on the 4th squad out Lexi Kubista, yes that Lexi that has been shooting real good too, ran the singles for the first one to win a pie. On the same squad, Dutch Poel ran ’em too to claim one of the huge pies. Great shooting both of you. Those two broke the ice and a bunch more 25’s came in, and we finished up with some 24’s that got pies.

The pie winners for 25 straights; Lexi Kubista, Dutch Poel, Dennis Minks, Jerry Demulling, Curt Peterson, Scott Messenger, Scott Steffen.
24’s; Leo Brand, Tom Lewic, Jimmy Bowen, Glenn Linden. Nice shooting everybody. Enjoy those pie’s.

I was ready to say that we had 8 different Lewis Class winners but Lexi took care of that. :>)

1st Class
Curt Peterson  50
Dennis Minks    49

2nd Class
Jerry Demulling  45
Scott Prafke    45

3rd Class
Lexi Kubista    43
David Maples    43

4th Class
Lexi Kubista    40
Tom Lewic      40

Ties = Singles from the front.

Next Saturday, October 31st, we’re going to do it again. Yup, another Halloween Jackpot !!!  Shoot a 25 straight and you’ll win a pie. One per shooter. The weather is looking to be in the 50’s…20 degrees warmer than today, so c’mon out and take advantage of it and have some fun on HALLOWEEN.

Thanks to everyone who shot today, hope to see you next Saturday.

Jimmy Bowen

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