Oct 22

Another nice day at the MGC traps. The day started a little cool, the “Owatonna” breeze was there from the S/SE with gusts to 25 mph. Even with the wind the targets were flying pretty good. Some you had to go up to, some down to. Outdoor sport I’ve been told.


First squad out Derek Fischer came in with a 48 and that set the pace. Not to be outdone, Ray Monson, with his 2 week old new to him gun, that used to be Lenny Lindquist’s, ran the singles and dropped one in handicap for a 49. A lot of us are hoping that the “honeymoon” effect wears off real quick. Ray was just smiling as he was getting “stuff” from the other shooters and to quiet them down, he went out and shot another 49. Way to go Ray.


Some other 48’s got posted but they didn’t even get counted at the end. Curt P had 2, Tom Lewic and Jimmy Bowen posted them too. But to steal some of  Ray’s limelight Jimmy Bowen came in with a 49 to make it three for the day.


It was a great October day with the 76 degree temps. Next week MGC will be hosting their annual Halloween Pumpkin Pie Jackpot. The first 8 25 straights in either singles or handicap will be awarded a nice pumpkin or apple pie. One per person. Also, next Saturday will be a Pot Luck day. If so inclined, bring a dish to pass, an appetizer or dessert. This will be in addition to the daily Lewis Class payouts. Hopefully you can make it. Oh, Halloween attire is welcomed, but please, no kilts.


1st Class

Jimmy Bowen   49

Ray Monson     49


2nd Class

Tom Sletta       45

Ed Dietz          45


3rd Class

Jerry Chellgren      44

Dan Frye                44


4th Class

Dan Frye           42

Brad Luke          42


Ties = Singles from the front then Singles from the back then Handicap from the front.


Thanks to everyone who participated and stopped by for the chatter. It made for a good day.


Jimmy Bowen

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