Oct 17

It turned out to be a very nice day at the MGC traps. Temps in the low 50’s, light winds and cloud filtered sunshine.

Lexi Kubista lead the way on the first squad out and posted a 45. Glenn Linden on that 1st squad posted the first 25 straight. Nice shooting you two.

Dennis Kecker, on the 4th squad out posted a 48 and that held for high score….for awhile. Nice shooting Dennis. While a 48 is a good score, sometimes it makes others “try” harder. And, a very determined Curt Peterson, as we all know, stepped up and “tried” harder by posting a 49. Nice shooting Curt.

Next Saturday, October 24th, MGC will be hosting their annual Pumpkin Pie Halloween Jackpot. Shoot a 25 straight in either Singles or Handicap and you will receive a delicious pumpkin/apple pie to take home. One pie per shooter. If not enough 25’s are shot we’ll drop down to the next high score until 10 pies are given out. We’ll also have a Carmel Apple Crunch pie or something similar for High Score. This will be in addition to the daily Lewis Class payouts.

In the past for this event, people would bring a dish to pass but due to COVID we won’t be able to do that. Our kitchen is closed but we will be able to make pizza’s for anyone interested. Sorry for the inconvenience.

1st Class
Curt Peterson  49
Dennis Kecker  48

2nd Class
Jeff Rempel    45
Jimmy Bowen    45

3rd Class
Dutch Poel    41
Glenn Linden  41

Ties = Handicap from the front.

Thanks to everyone who shot today and I hope that you can make it next Saturday.

Jimmy Bowen

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