OCT 12

  • Oh baby it’s cold outside !!! This is WAY too early to have these temp’s with flakes it the air. But wadda u gonna do??

    Well, as you might expect, there wasn’t much play at the MGC traps today. A few brave souls ventured out and for a while it looked like a 42 was going to be high score. Ray Monson drove from the warmth of Southern MN to the frozen tundra and was shooting pretty good. Nice shooting Ray.

    There were NO 25’s in Singles today and only two 24’s. Dean LeRud and Scott Steffen. Way to go guys. The Handicap scores were…..terrible. Wind, did I mention the wind today???? The “Owatonna Breeze” was in full force and never let up. But, as always, it doesn’t bother ONE person. To back up his 24 in singles, Scott Steffen proceeds to run the handicap targets, for a 49, on a day like today. That is outstanding shooting Scott. Great shooting.

    Next Saturday, October 19th, we’re going to hold a Snowbird Potluck Jackpot in honor of those that are getting out of here for the winter. MGC will cook up some beef or a ham and if you feel up to it, bring a appetizer/dessert/dish to pass. The extended forecast is looking a lot better than it was today. C’mon out and enjoy.

    1st Class
    Scott Steffen  49

    2nd Class
    Jeff Rempel    40

    There were no ties…so that was easy.

    Thanks to everyone who shot today, hope to see you on Saturday.

    Jimmy Bowen

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