OCT 10

Another great day at the MGC traps. 65 degrees, full sunshine and light winds. Good weather means good targets…and that means 50 straight. Jerry and Cheryl Demulling, who are heading to Tucson in a couple weeks, needed some gas money and gas money they got. Jerry along with Cheryl, Bobby Munson Jr. (AKA Mark Hintz), and Mad Dog Gary Pederson on the 4th squad out set the bar….as high as it could go. Jerry crushed every target to get the 50. Nice shooting Jerry. Jerry got 1/2 of the Perpetual Purse, a flat of shells, and 1st place Lewis Class money.

After that there were a handful of 48’s but nothing/nobody close to him. But, what the heck it was a beautiful day to be outdoors. First picture is of the fields before the shooting started, showing the fall colors. 2nd picture is Curt Peterson going after the target. Ahh, and Curt did pretty well for himself today too, as you will see.

Lexi, who took money home last week showed up to do it again and brought along a friend, Cali, who followed suit. Nice shooting ladies.

Don’t forget…October 24th….Halloween Pumpkin Pie Jackpot !!!

1st Class
Jerry Demulling  50
Curt Peterson    48

2nd Class
Glenn Linden      46
Curt Peterson    46

3rd Class
David Maples      45
Yeah, Curt Peterson  45

4th Class
Gary Pederson  43
Ed Dietz        43

5th Class
Cali Gutknecht  41
Lexi Kubista    41

Ties = Handicap from the front.

Thanks to everyone who shot today. Hope to see you next Saturday.

Jimmy Bowen

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Due to the High School State Championship, MGC will be closed to open shooting from Tuesday, June 25th thru Thursday June 27th.