Oct 1

A very nice Fall day at the MGC traps. A light E/SE breeze and temps near the 70 degree mark. A little cloudy with some light sprinkles but nothing that affected the scores.

There were seventeen 25 straights today!!! You’d think that the participants were shooting for food. The 49’s, all SIX of them, 3 of those shot by Jerry Demulling, the others by Cheryl Demulling, Curt Peterson and Jimmy Bowen. Nice shooting everyone.


They were looking really good until Tom Sletta punched out a 50 straight. Yup, MGC has held 2 Jackpot shoots and someone has run a 50 straight at each one of them. Fluff targets???? Naw, anybody that has shot MGC knows better than that. Tom was right in the middle of them and hit them hard. Great shooting Tom!!! Pretty good for an ‘ol geezer. And did he play the Perpetual Purse??? Ya damn right he did. Jerry Demulling took a bunch of the Purse at the Jackpot warm-up but Tom still went home with a chunk of change.


The free lunch today……hamburgers, brats, and some great cowboy beans. The lunch alone was worth the price of admission.


1st Class

Tom Sletta    50

Jimmy Bowen   49


2nd Class

Dale Otis      46

Leo Houle    46


3rd Class

Mike Peck   43

Brad Luke   42


Ties = Singles from the back then singles from the front then Handicap from the back.


Thanks to everyone who shot today. We’ll do it again next Saturday.


Jimmy Bowen

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