Nov 6

65 degrees today with lots of sunshine, again, and a nice breeze, 10-15 mph. Shortsleeve shirt weather…..for some of us. It was a really nice day to be shooting Jackpot.
The scores were good again and 3rd squad out Dale Otis posted a 48 and that perked things up  4th squad out, the “new” fox in the hen house, Leon Houle, posted a 49 for the second week in a row. Great shooting Dale and Leon.
But, as we all know, if it isn’t a 50 straight, the door is open. And in steps Virginia Hines. Yup, Virginia went out there and made all the boys wish that they could shoot like a girl. And she made it look easy. Was in the middle of all 50 targets and hit ’em hard. Outstanding shooting Virginia.
Now, in the weeks past, when someone broke a 50 straight you saw their picture holding a bunch of Perpetual Purse cash and even more cash if we didn’t have a flat of shells to give to the 50 straight winner. Well, in the picture attached you’ll see Virginia holding just the flat of shells. You guessed it. Virginia didn’t play the $3.00 option for the Perpetual Purse. She thought about it 3/4 of the way through the handicap but that was too late. Next time.
1st Class
Virginia Hines    50
Leon Houle       49
2nd Class
David Maples     45
Don Campbell    45
3rd Class
David Maples    43
Gary Pederson  43
Ties = Handicap from the front. Troy, I didn’t call the flip….Leo did.  :>)
November 20th MGC Thanksgiving Turkey Jackpot. Shoot a 25 straight in either Singles or Handicap and the 1st 10 will be awarded a succulent bird to share with the family. One per person.
Thanks to everyone who participated today. Hope to see you next Saturday.
Jimmy Bowen

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