Nov 5

Weather-wise today, we had just about everything……except SUNSHINE!!. The temp finally reached 41 degrees, a NW wind made it feel like 36, and it was misting all afternoon. But we got it done. High score today goes to Terry Peterson with a 46, nice shooting Terry. Only three 25 straights today and Don Campbell shot 2 of them. Nice shooting Don.

Lunch today was Chicken rice soup and Broccoli Cheese soup. Mark nailed it with those on a day like today.


Thanks to everyone who shot today.


1st Class

Terry Peterson    46

Jimmy Bowen     45


2nd Class

Mike Gunderson    41

Mike Peck              41


Ties = Handicap from the back then Handicap from the front.


We’ll do it again next Saturday….inspite of what the weather guessers are calling for. Hope to see you there.


Jimmy Bowen

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