Dec 29

OK, here we go. It’s the end of December, it’s colder than cr** out, a bunch of the northern shooters have packed up and headed south so they have better shooting conditions. So, it’s 12 degrees out with a little breeze that makes it feel like it’s +1 degree. One of our regulars, who just happens to be in the hunt for a “new” used single barrel gun, we’re talking Bowen’s, Silver Seitz’s, Alfermann’s, etc. We’re talking some $$$$ change here. He uses a “on loan” gun to see if he likes it for the first entry, doesn’t shoot very well. Walks immediately to his car to get his old gun that he’s thinking of replacing……and goes out and shoots a 50 straight. HEY I can’t make this stuff up. It happened!!!! TODAY OF ALL DAY’S.

CONGRATULATIONS to David Maples for entering the Perpetual Purse and going out and shooting a 50 straight in less than Tampa and Tucson weather. GREAT SHOOTING DAVID.

Not to take away some of the other shooters glory today. Ken Norman and Ray Monson both posted 47’s on the first squad out, and Barclay Holscher a 47 on the last squad out. And Ray Monson again for his 48 to take second High Gun. Nice shooting guy’s.

Thanks to everyone who shot today.

1st Class
David Maples  50
Ray Monson    48

2nd Class
Dutch Poel        42
Barclay Holscher  42

3rd Class
Jamie Victor    39
Mike Gunderson  39

Ties = Handicap from the back.

On January, MGC will be holding a Chili Cook-off Jackpot. Make your most enticing chili and we’ll have taste testers, our scorers, vote for the best tasting one. We’ll award prizes for 1st and 2nd place. Once the voting is done all the chili will be mixed together and served to all the Jackpot participants. That might be up for discussion yet. :>)

Hope to see you this coming Saturday. Maybe David will do it again.

Jimmy Bowen

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