Nov 26

Great weather, great participation. It was in the low 50’s with sunshine. THANK YOU to everyone who shot today.
The scores were in the mid forties right from the start and 48 ended up being high score for the day. Mike Peck and Tony Brand posted them. Nice shooting guys. Eight 25 straights posted, Mike Peck and Pete Walker each had two. Way to go Mike and Pete.
1st Class
Tony Brand    48
Mike Peck    48
2nd Class
Richard Moen    46
Dale Otis            46
3rd Class
Don Campbell  43
Terry Peterson  43
4th Class
Jeff Rempel    41
John Houle    41
Ties = Handicap from the back then Handicap from the front.
Have a good week everyone, hope to see you next week.
Jimmy Bowen

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