Nov 21

A very very nice day at the MGC traps…especially for November. Light, 3-5 mph winds from the SW, plenty of sunshine and 42 degrees. It was nice.

47 ended up being high score for the day and Ken Norman had 2 of them, Dennis Kecker, the other. Great shooting guys.

The competition for the turkeys was voracious…to say the least. Right out of the chute, first squad, Daryll Olson and his son, Jeff Olson, ran the singles. 2nd squad out, Jerry Chellgren “bagged” his turkey. 3rd squad out Ken Norman, who couldn’t remember WHEN the last time he ran 25 straight, got his, and from there it went. ALL 10 BIRDS WERE GIVEN OUT WITH 25 STRAIGHTS. Congrats to all that got one.

Here are the winners….Jeff Olson, Daryll Olson, Jerry Chellgren, Ken Norman, Jeff Rempel, Dutch Poel, Leo Brand, David Maples, Jimmy Bowen and Sandy Jo Jack. Nice shooting everyone.

Lots of shooters….Lots of classes.

1st Class
Ken Norman  47
Ken Norman  47

2nd Class
Dutch Poel  44
David Maples 44

3rd Class
Jeff Rempel    42
Jay Podergois  42

4th Class
Norique Stuewe  41
Jay Podergois  41

5th Class
Chuck McMacken  40
Nash Olson      40

6th Class
Chad Stuewe    38
Mike Gunderson 38

Ties = Handicap from the front then Handicap from the back.

Thank you very much to everyone who shot today.

Everyone at MGC wishes you and your family a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving.

Hope to see you next Saturday.

Jimmy Bowen

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Due to the High School State Championship, MGC will be closed to open shooting from Tuesday, June 25th thru Thursday June 27th.