Nov 14

Another blustery day at the MGC traps. 35 degrees with clouds, a tiny bit of moisture in the air at times, and 15 mph east/south east winds with 30 mph gusts. But, in 2 months we can look back and say, ” Hey that wasn’t so bad” !!! There wasn’t a big turnout today, but, it was good to see those that showed up, thank you very much, and have some fun shootin.

For a while today it was looking like the “boys” would be going home saying to themselves, “I wish I could shoot like a girl”. Lexi Kubista was shooting really well today and was High Gun for most of the day with a 45. Great shooting Lexi !!

And there was “almost” a 25 straight today….but Gary Pederson missed his last singles target out. He did this last week too??? but ended up better this week. :>)

I had some comments after last weeks shoot report that I didn’t know how to count….So I’ll put it this way. NEXT SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 21st, MGC WILL BE HOSTING THEIR ANNUAL TURKEY JACKPOT. Shoot a 25 straight in either Singles or Handicap and you’ll win a delicious turkey to bring home for Thanksgiving dinner. One per shooter. If not enough 25’s, we’ll drop down to the next high score until 10 turkeys are given out. 

1st Class
Jimmy Bowen    47

2nd Class
Gary “I like the flip” Pederson    41


Hope to see you next Saturday….Shootin for Turkeys.

Jimmy Bowen

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