Nov 13

Oh baby, it’s cold outside!!!  What a change in the weather. Didn’t get above 32 degrees today, cloudy and it got darker as the day went on, but light winds. We did get done before the show started flying. The good news for next week…it’s going to be near 50 on Tuesday and for right now they’re guessing 43 degrees, light winds, and sunshine for next Saturday, the annual MGC Thanksgiving Turkey Jackpot. It should be a great day. Shoot a 25 straight in either singles or handicap and you’ll receive a delicious turkey to share with the family on Thanksgiving. One per shooter. 10 birds will be given away.  It will go to the next high score if needed. Hope that you can make it.
High score today was 46, there were four of them, and I thought that I’d be telling you again that the boys wished that they could shoot like a girl, and it was close. First squad out Dale Otis and Jerry Chellgren both posted 46’s. Then Gary Pedersen posted one. Then Norique Stuewe, just returning from the Autumn Grand where she did very well, posted the fourth one. Great shooting all of you. Five 25’s posted today and fourteen 24’s. It was that kind of a day.
1st Class
Jerry Chellgren    46
Norique Stuewe   46
2nd Class
Jimmy Bowen    43
Terry Peterson   43
Ties = Handicap from the back
Thanks to everyone who shot today.
Next Saturday….Gobble Gobble Gobble. Hope to see you there.
Jimmy Bowen

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