Nov 12

Well, not a lot of play today. It was cold, 28 degrees, with a wind chill temp of 18. We’ll carry over the scores from today to next Saturday. Right now Gary Pederson is high with a 42. Nice shooting Gary.

Thanks to those that did shoot today. Much appreciated.


Next Saturday, November 19th, MGC will be holding their annual Thanksgiving Turkey Jackpot. We’ll be giving away some nice Butter Ball Turkeys for a 25 straight or next high score until the 10 birds are gone. One per person.

The weather is looking to be cold but not much we can do about that so c’mon out and shoot and maybe bring a nice bird for Thanksgiving dinner.


Hope to see you there. 10 AM start and we’ll shoot until 4 PM if necessary.


Stay warm.


Jimmy Bowen

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Summer hours have returned!