Mar 7

50 degrees today at the MGC traps but with a wind gusting to 30 mph it made it tough at time to mount the gun and not get blown around….at least me anyway. I’ve heard the saying,”eat your way to AA” and I might try that next.

As always, somebody comes along and makes it look easy. Mike Crepeau did just that. Up until he shot, a 45 was looking good. HA.Mike saunters out and posted a 48!!! Nice shooting Mike. You made it look easy.

Next Saturday, March 14th MGC will host their annual St. Patrick’s Jackpot. IF you hit one of the randomly placed GREEN targets that comes out you will get the choice of one of our great hamburgers or a bowl of Mark Cameron’s famous Irish Stew. One either/or per person. It always adds a little excitement to the day. Hope you can make it.

Thanks to everyone who shot today, a great crowd.

1st Class
Mike Crepeau  48
Jeff Rempel  47

2nd Class
Mark Hintz  44
Daryll Olson  44

3rd Class
Randy Jones  42
Mark Cameron  42

4th Class
Daryll Olson  40
Dutch Poel    40

5th Class
Tim Raines  38
Len Lindquist  38

Ties went the WHOLE way. Handicap from the front, then Handicap from the back, then Singles from the front then Singles from the back.

Have a good week everybody, enjoy the weather.

Jimmy Bowen

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