Mar 6

A Bee-U-Ti-Full day at the Minneapolis Gun Club.
Great temperature, Lot’s of sunshine, and a slight SE breeze to keep you cooled down. Pretty nice for early March.
With the nice weather came some nice scores. 1st squad out and some nice scores. David Maples had a 49, high score of the day, and Lexi Kubista posted one of her two 47’s. Great shooting from both of you.
Lot’s of shooters, some we hadn’t seen for a while, and a bunch of Wisconsin shooters crossed the river to play. Thanks to everyone who shot today.
Next Saturday, March 13th, we’re going to host our annual St, Patrick’s Day Jackpot. Hit a randomly placed GREEN target and we’ll be serving up burgers and brats to the lucky ones. This will be in addition to our regular daily Lewis Class payouts. And instead of Crown Royal we just might have some Bailey’s Irish Cream on hand. NO Kilts will be allowed if the wind is over 3 mph…please. Hope to see you there.
1st Class
David Maples  49
Glenn Linden  48
2nd Class
David “I like my old gun” Maples  46
Gary Pederson                    46
3rd Class
Eric Gunderson  44
Mark Cameron    44
4th Class
Dutch Poel    41
Mark Cameron  41
5th Class
Daryl Boucher  38
Jeff Rempel    38
Ties = Singles from the front then Singles from the back then Handicap from the front.
Have a great week, enjoy the weather.
Jimmy Bowen

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