Mar 26

Ohhhh Baby, it’s cold outside. 17- 30 mph winds today coming right at ya. It never got above 30 degrees and it was down right miserable. Even the big guys were getting moved around on the pads. One of the participants was smart enough to wear long underware. Smart man.
There were four 25 straights shot today and they need honorable mention…Jeff Rempel, Tom Lewic, Mike Gunderson and Eric Gunderson. Nice shooting guys. The Hot Dog of the day was Eric Gunderson who posted the lone high score of 47. Great shooting Eric.
Thanks to everyone who shot today….Three more Saturday’s to go for this season. April 16th will be the final.
1st Class
Eric Gunderson    47
Scott Steffen         46
2nd Class
Mike Gunderson   39
Bob Meyer            39
Ties = Handicap from the back.
I’d like to say enjoy the weather this week but it doesn’t look very warm…..until next Saturday. Hope to see you then.
Jimmy Bowen

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