Mar 14

Not too bad of a day at the MGC traps, sun came out in the afternoon and the temperature got to the mid 30’s. There was a breeze but the targets were good. With that said, I cannot say why we had such a hard time hitting the targets today. Lot’s of head shaking out there today and multiple times today I heard. “I’m gonna take 2 weeks off…..and then quit.”

High score was a 46, Hunter Brown had the one and only, and there were 3 45’s and Hunter got that too. Great shooting Hunter.
Only three 25 straights today, Ray Monson had 2 of them, Bob Meyer the other. Nice shooting guy’s.

The good thing, Mark had the Traps LOADED with green targets and I’m pretty sure EVERYBODY got a ticket for a burger or the delicious corn beef and cabbage that Mark cooked up. That kinda made up for the lousy shooting.

Thanks to everyone who braved the Corona virus and participated.

1st Class
Hunter Brown  46
Hunter Brown  45

2nd Class
David Maples  42
Len Lindquist  41

3rd Class
Leo Switala  36
Leo Switala  35

Ties = Singles from the back

We’ll do it again Saturday. 3 weeks left to qualify for the $1000.00 added money Jackpot Finale.

Jimmy Bowen

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