Mar 12

Another cold one, another slow one today at the MGC traps. Minus 2 degrees this morning and it was slow to warm up but we did have some welcomed shooters show up to shoot the program. Now the results are going to show one winner, but there were more people than him shooting.  Today it was Brad Luke day at MGC. Ray Munson started things out with a 47 on the first squad, and posting one of the two 25 straights today, Brad had the other one and posted a FORTY NINE. Great shooting both of you.
Now, next Saturday FOR SURE, we’ll hold our St. Patrick’s Jackpot. The orange targets are back in the traps and there will be randomly placed GREEN ones and if you hit a green one you’ll get a MGC burger. One per shooter. The weather is supposed to be pretty nice all week now so lets hope that it holds.
Thanks to everyone who showed up today, hope to see you next Saturday.
1st Class
Brad Luke   49
2nd Class
Brad Luke   42
Ties = Singles from the front.
Enjoy the warm days.
Jimmy Bowen

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