The 2012 Minnesota Trapshooting Association Central Zone shoot is in the books. We had some very nice weather and some pretty good scores. Here are some of the results.


Class AA High Gun…Tim Mackey 200

Class A High Gun…Micheal Crepeau 197

Class B High Gun…Monique Morton 194

Class C High Gun…Richard McCoy 198

Class D High Gun…Max Bunning 181


25-27 yd 1st Place…Thomas Brooks 94

25-27 yd 2nd Place…Jim W, Glenn Linden, Guy Hessler 92

22-24 yd 1st Place…Jim Karels 97

22-24 yd 2nd Place…Janice Perron Stock 94

18-21 yd 1st Place…Carl Bendeich 95

18-21 yd 2nd Place…Tom Menzel 93


Class AA High Gun…Glenn Linden 97

Class A High Gun…Neil Winston 96

Class B High Gun…Jim W 89

Class C High Gun…Scott Morton 87

Class D High Gun…Kathy Lahti 77

HAA (400 Target Total)

Class AA Guy Hessler, Glen Linden 384

Class A Michael Crepeau 376

Class B Scott Larson 373

Class C Richard McCoy 362

Class D Kathy Lahti 339

Some pictures……


Tim Mackey posted the only 200 straight in the 3 Zones. Nice shooting Tim.

Richard McCoy took home bunches of trophy’s over the weekend shooting his short rib Perazzi.

Max Bunning, 11 years old, one of the up and coming Youth Shooters from Minnesota,brought home multiple trophy’s over the weekend. This youngster is a great example of the MN Youth Trapshooting Program. Way to go Max.

Mr. Neil Winston, the old guy, still brings home the hardware. Shown holding his Lapel Pin Trophy.

The Doubles Bunch, Glenn, Jim, Kathy and Neil.

Guy Hessler HAA Class AA.

Some of Fridays Zone Warm-up Trophy winners. Zach Warweg, Leo Switala, Charlie Leavitt and Craig Raines.

Couple pictures from the 2nd floor of the clubhouse.

On behalf of the Minneapolis Gun Club, “Thanks to everyone who attended.”  Good luck at the State Shoot.

Jimmy Bowen




2012 Zone Shoot Program

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Due to the High School State Championship, MGC will be closed to open shooting from Tuesday, June 25th thru Thursday June 27th.