JUN 20

A OK day at the MGC traps. Some pretty thick clouds created some pretty dark conditions but no wind. That was nice for a change.
A few guys doubled up and won multiple Lewis Classes but that’s what happens when you shoot good. Congratulations to the Class winners.
Three 48’s posted today. Gary Pederson, shooting a gun he didn’t like, Hot Shot Jeff Rempel, and Just as Hot Scott Steffen. Great shooting guy’s.

1st Class
Scott Steffen  48
Jeff Rempel    48

2nd Class
Dennis Kecker  44
Jeff Rempel    44

3rd Class
Scott Steffen  42
Craig Raines  42

Ties = Singles from the front, singles from the back, then handicap from the front.

This is the last MGC Jackpot for at least a couple weeks. A few registered shoots are showing up so we won’t compete against them. I’ll send a email out a week before the next one. Thanks to everyone who has been attending. It sure beat sitting around waiting for COVID to be over.

Also, due to a late cancellation, there is one opening for the Nora Martin Handicap Clinic this coming Wednesday, June 24th. Email me if you’re interested.

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad’s.

Jimmy Bowen

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Due to the High School State Championship, MGC will be closed to open shooting from Tuesday, June 25th thru Thursday June 27th.