MinneapolisGun Club Handicap Championship Day 1

Friday was a good day!!! It was unusual shooting without windy conditions. Almost didn’t know how to act…..oh, that was Handicap.

Thanks to everyone who took a day off and came out to shoot. You’ll notice in the results that Scott Larson took a trophy in each event. Nice shooting Scott, hope it continues throughout the weekend. Scott Messenger posted the only 100 for the day. Dark Side Boerboon, a Skeet shooter crossover shooting in his 1st ATA event, dropped a target early on his 1st trap and then proceeded to run the rest. Way to start an ATA career Nick.


AA Scott Messenger……..100

A Nick Boerboon………..99

B Scott Larson…………99

C Erin Cameron…………96 Won coin flip over Pat Blake

D Cal Vraa…………….86


25-27 yds Richard McCoy…..94

22-24 Scott Larson……….96

18-21 Jeff Will………….94


AA Nick Kubasch…….96

A Jimmy Bowen………91

B Scott Larson……..92

C Michael Nelson……88

D John Kuharenko……83 


MinneapolisGun Club Handicap Championship 2012

Jeff Will of Jordan with his gold buckle.

Day 2 of the Minneapolis Gun Club Handicap Championship.

The day started with rain showers all around us, but no morning rains and no wind at MGC. The weather conditions were good and the scores showed it. Neil Winston, Dennis Kecker and Dan Ward all posted 100 straights in the Singles event. Barry Gregerson followed up with 98 in B class. Nice shooting guys.

AA Neil Winston 100 won flip over Dennis Kecker

A Dan Ward 100

B Barry Gregorian 98 won flip over Peter Falk

C Richard McCoy 95

D Cal Vraa 90

The Handicap Championship started immediately after the Singles and the good scores came rolling in. Guy Hessler and Peter Falk both came in with 97’s and were in line to go home with the Custom buckle and the money. The squads rotated banks, using eight fields, so everybody shot all the fields. With a short delay due to a rain shower, Tom Suter backed up his 94 on the first hundred with a 98 for a total of 192. Nice shooting Tom and congratulations to all the winning scores for the added money.

1st Tom Suter 192

2nd Steve Brua 189

3rd Cheryl Demulling 189

4th Troy Haverly 189

5th Emma Olson 187

6th Scott Steffen 186

7th Ron Noren 186

8th Guy Hessler 186

9th Robert Smith 186

10th Darwin Bridgland split with Jason Vlasak 184 



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