Jul 25

A hot and humid day at the MGC traps….The kinda day we waited all winter for. Mid 80’s with a dew point of 74, cloudy with a few light sprinkles here and there and a south wind that didn’t bother the targets much.

Now sometimes we can go a couple months before the 49’s and 50’s come in but today the 49’s were a bunch. FOUR 49’s were posted today. One of them on the first squad..again…and again by Jimmy Bowen. A few 47’s came in and then Curt Peterson missed one of the 16 yd. targets and ran the Handicap for the second 49. With the door open, Jerry Demulling, who had posted the lone 48 ventured out…along with Cheryl, Chuck McMacken and….Jimmy Bowen. Jerry and Jimmy ran the singles and were cruising right along in handicap and Jerry missed one. So what did Jimmy do??? He gave Jerry a big ole sympathy miss !!! And that brought in the two other 49’s. Great shooting guys.

So now comes the coin flip….one of us isn’t going to get anything. Up in the air it went..twice…and it ended up being singles from the back. That put Curt, who ran the handicap…out of it. From there it went to handicap from the back and Jimmy Bowen had the long run. For second place, for the first time that I remember for a score under 50, and going all 4 ways, it ended up being a tie for second. What a day.

Thanks to everyone who shot today. We appreciate it.

1st Class
Jimmy Bowen  49
Jimmy Bowen/Jerry Demulling  49

2nd Class
John Podergois  45
Scott Steffen    45

3rd Class
Terry Peterson  43
Curt Peterson    43

Ties = Singles from the back, then singles from the front, then handicap from the back, then handicap from the front.

We’ll be doing it again tomorrow….hope to see you there.

Jimmy Bowen

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Due to the High School State Championship, MGC will be closed to open shooting from Tuesday, June 25th thru Thursday June 27th.