Jan 9

Another bone chilling day at the MGC traps. Really thick cloud cover, lots of moisture in the air, temps stayed below 20 degrees, but no snow, and really light winds. For the 9th of January, it was pretty nice compared to what we could have. Next week is looking to be mild temperatures and more sun than we’ve seen for a while. We’ll take it.
With the dark conditions caused by the cloud cover the targets were just plain hard to see. Only three 25 straights today. Jimmy Bowen had 2 of them and David Maples the other. And that was with David using a borrowed gun. Turns out that there was a Perazzi MX10 RS that was kinda for sale and David took it for a test drive. He not only shot 25 straight in the singles he went onto missing only 2 handicap targets and taking the top spot with the 48. Nice shooting David.
That wasn’t the only 48 though. Bob Meyer decided to get away from a project at home and bust some targets. Bob missed one singles target and and one handicap target to tie David. Nice shooting Bob.
Thanks to everyone who shot today.
1st Class
David Maples  48
Bob Meyer    48
2nd Class
Jimmy Bowen      41
Lenny Lindquist  41
3rd Class
Tim Raines    37
Dutch Poel    37
Ties = Singles from the back.
Maybe??? next Saturday we’ll see some sunshine and hope to see you.
Jimmy Bowen

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