Jan 29

A much better day at the MGC traps!!! Mid 20’s, a little sunshine, and light wind. The green targets were glowing out there.
A bunch of 25 straights today, Derek Fischer had 2 of them, Brad Luke, Ray Monson, John Houle, and Mike Peck posted the rest of them. Nice shooting guys.
February 12th will be the day MGC hosts the annual Valentine Shoot. We’ll have the heart shaped boxes of chocolate for 25 straights and we’re doing something different for the Grand Prize this year. More on that next week.
There’s a few of our Jackpot shooters making noise in Tucson already. The MN guys are posting some good scores. You can see the scores on shootscoreboard.com
Thanks to everyone who shot today.
1st Class
Derek Fischer     47
Ray Monson       46
2nd Class
John Houle        42
Brad Luke          42
Ties = Handicap from the back then handicap from the front.
Same day, same time next Saturday. Hope to see you there.
Jimmy Bowen

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