Jan 23

Even with snow in the forecast the MN/WISC Border Battle was held. The weather wasn’t too bad for January 23rd. It did make up to 21 degrees and as it’s been for most of the month, heavy cloud cover and a south? 13 mph that made it feel like 9 degrees. The last squad out shot in snow flurries but they lived to enjoy the delicious Mystery Meat Chili that Bob Meyer provided. There was bear, venison, and Italian sausage in it and it really hit the spot today. Thanks Bob for bringing the chili and fixings.
The shooters were up to the task though and the scores showed it.
1st squad, post one, Tony Brand set the bar. Tony missed a couple singles but ran the handicap for a 48 !! Nice shooting Tony. 2nd squad out, post one, Ray Monson, using a borrowed gun, misses one singles target and he runs the handicap field for a 49. Nice shooting Ray and that’s two good scores for MN.
At the end of the day…MN came out on top with a 5 man score of 236. WI had a 5 man total of 214.
The top 5 for MN were Ray Munson, Tony Brand, David Maples, Derek Fischer and Scott Steffen. Top 5 for WI were Bob Meyer, Dave Mansell, Cole Sutheimer, Dan Weishaar and Jeff Prescott. Congrats to all of you…nice shooting.
There is already a rematch tentatively set for Sunday, February 7th, and it will be held at the Hudson Rod, Gun & Archery Club. Mark you calendars now.
1st Class
Ray Monson  49
Tony Brand  48
2nd Class
Cole Sutheimer  45
Jeff Rempel    45
3rd Class
Mark Jelkin    43
Chuck McMacken  43
4th Class
Jeff Prescott  39
John Podergois  39
Ties = Singles from the front then singles from the back.
Thanks to everyone who shot today. Some good winter shooting fun.
Next Saturday, same time, same place. Hope to see you there.
Jimmy Bowen

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