Nov 20

For the 20th of November, we had really good conditions at MGC today. The temp did get to 43, some sunshine, and a little bit of a NW breeze. We’re lucky….so far.
The prized turkeys were on the line and after the first 3 squads five of ’em were taken. Jerry Chellgren led the way on the first squad. The scores were pretty good today too, no 50 straights though, and Scott Steffen took high score with a 48. Nice shooting Scott.
We gave out 9 turkeys for 25 straight and 1 for a 24.  The Turkeys winning a turkey were…..Jerry Chellgren, John Larson, Randy Jones, Jimmy Bowen, Terry Peterson, Scott Prafke, Scott Steffen, David Maples, Mike Peck, and Tom Lewic.
Thanks to everyone who participated today and congrats to the turkey winners.
1st Class
Scott Steffen     48
Dale Otis           47
2nd Class
Tom Lewic        44
Tom Lewic        44
3rd Class
Dan Frye            42
Jerry Chellgren   42
4th Class
Mark Cameron    39
Dan Frye             39
Ties = Handicap from the front then Handicap from the back
Here’s hoping that everybody has a great Thanksgiving and if you’re traveling, travel safe.
Jimmy Bowen

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