Jan 16

A very slippery start after the rain/snow mix yesterday and then freezing last night. Those conditions would have cancelled some shoots in other states but not Mini-damn-soda. The thick clouds were there again with some light rain but for January 16th we’ll take it. A lot of us can remember it being -15 degrees with a 15 mph wind….and going out and shooting Jackpot this time of year. So, it was a good day at the MGC traps.
Low light means low scores. Some shot the lowest score that they have all season. Comes with the territory.
Again, only three 25 straights today. Jimmy Bowen, Terry Peterson and Lenny Lindquist. Yeah, Lenny Lindquist. Nice shooting guys. And, all three of the 25 straights were shot with Leo Switala leading the squad…so he of course took credit for them. Way to go Leo!!!
Scott Steffen was high gun for most of the day with a 46….until Lenny Lindquist went out and tied him. Scott will be the first one to say, “if you plan on winning, you need to run the singles”. Good advice. Nice shooting both of you.
Next Saturday, January 23rd, will be the first MGC Crown Royal Border Battle Jackpot. We’ll take the top five scores for the MN and WI shooters in attendance and award the winning State shooters a 1.75 liter of Crown Royal. This will be in addition to the regular Jackpot payouts. Hopefully you’ll be able to attend.
1st Class
Lenny “I can run 25 straight” Lindquist  46
Scott Steffen    46
2nd Class
Jeff Rempel  40
Gary Pederson 40
Thanks to everyone who shot today.
Jimmy Bowen

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