Jan 14

A good day at the MGC traps for the almost middle of January. It finally made it to 32 degrees but with a 13 – 26 mph breeze it did have a little bite to it.  Ray Monson didn’t let it bother him too much. Once he figured out which gun he was going to use he punched out a 49 like nobody’s business. Great shooting Ray.
Four 25 straights today, Brad Luke, Mike Peck, Dan Ward and Ray Monson. Nice going guy’s.
The Chili Cookoff…..there was some good eating there. It came down to a tie between Dan Ward and Jonathan Switala. The tie breaker will be which one can bring the best Porterhouse dinner…..for everyone. Good chow you two and thanks to everyone who brought chili.
1st Class
Ray Monson    49
Dan Ward        44
2nd Class
Don Campbell    40
Mike Peck          40
Ties = Handicap from the back.
Thanks to everyone who shot today. Hope to see you next Saturday.
Jimmy Bowen


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