Jan 11

Well, we had a good run weather wise….until today. While it was dry…it was really cold. 1 degree with a -13 windchill and Ohhh Baby it’s cold outside.
But, the sun was out and the 9 mph breeze, the temp was able to get all the way up to 13 degrees.

The scores, due to the weather, glasses fogging up and eyeballs glassing over, weren’t the best. First squad out… none of them got out of the 30’s. Second squad out a couple “hot shots” were able to get in the 40’s, Jeff Rempel and Scott Steffen. Nice going Jeff and Scott.
High score of the day??? 43, shot by Scott Steffen. Not once, but twice !!! Great shooting Scott.

Thanks to everyone who braved the weather and shot today. Much appreciated.

1st Class
Scott Steffen  43
Scott Steffen  43

2nd Class
Ray Monson    37
Craig Raines  37

Ties = Singles from the back.

Next Saturday, same place, same time. Hope to see you there.

Jimmy Bowen

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