Jan 1

A great day at the MGC Hangover Jackpot today.

A whole bunch of good things….The place was packed…The weather was great for the 1st of January…32 degrees with a SOUTH breeze…A 25 straight on the first squad.Nice shooting Tom Monzel….Lots more 25 straights to follow…lots of new faces.

Thanks to everyone who brought food today to share. The sugar highs were running rampant. And a huge THANKS to everyone who shot today. A great way to spend New Year’s Day.

1st Class
Curt “Oh so close” Peterson  49
Randy Jones  48

2nd Class
Chuck McMacken  45
Tom Monzel      45

3rd Class
Joel Johnson    43
Joel Johnson    43

4th Class
Jeff Podergois  41
Randy Jones      41

5th Class
Bob Smith    40
Craig Raines  40

6th Class
Terry Peterson  37
Jay Podergois  37

Ties = Handicap from the back then Handicap from the front.

We’ll be doing the Jackpot again Saturday, hope to see you there.

Have a great 2020 everybody.

Jimmy Bowen

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