Jan 1

Minus 9 degrees with a minus 22 wind chill…..but we shot. Not a lot of traffic for the Jackpot, as you can imagine, but we ate good. Mark cooked up a ham and a turkey and it was delicious. To go along with it people brought salads and cookies and to top it off there was a triple chocolate fudge cake with fresh strawberries. We’re going to carry the scores over to next week but high score for the day went to Scott Steffen. Great shooting Scott.
The big excitement for the day was who was going home with the Winchester AA Diamond Grade shells that were being raffled off for the MGC Scholarship Fund. The flat of shells were graciously donated by the Bartholow Brothers of SD.  https://www.trapshootingbros.com/
We had a “rush” at the end to buy tickets and even some over the “phone”.  The drawing was supposed to be at 4PM but we did it early under duress. So, we put the tickets in a bowl, mixed ’em up really good, and had Finn, our front counter guy, pull the winning ticket. The bowl was held high over his head and he stirred up the tickets some more before pulling the winning name……JIMMY BOWEN.
Now now, hold the comments. Jimmy right away said that he was re-donating the flat of shells back to MGC and we’ll have another drawing on February 12th, the day of our Valentine Jackpot. So, for a $5.00 ticket, or $100.00 worth, you could still end up with a flat of shells. We did well on this raffle, $430.00 and hope to do as well again for the Scholarship Fund.
Thanks to all that shot today and those that came out to enjoy the good food and make it a good day.Take care, stay warm, and hope to see you next Saturday.
Jimmy Bowen

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