Feb 8

The guy’s and one gal, showed up in force today to shoot some targets, win some money, go after the heart shaped boxes of chocolate and have a chance of winning the beautiful Heart Shaped Diamond Necklace.

The sun was brightly shinning all day but the -6 degree temperature might have made you say to yourself, “Do I really want to do this”? Well, hell yeah !!! It wasn’t really all that bad out, the light SOUTH breeze was hardly noticeable.

First squad out ‘ol Dennis Minks goes out and runs the singles for the first box of candy and finishes with a 45. Second squad and Reed Meyer, one of the younger shooters in attendance, sets the bar at a 46, which stood for a long while. Nice shooting Dennis and Reed. Reed not only shot the first 46, he also shot 2 more of them throughout the day. Young kids……. Also posting 46’s were Scott Messenger, Dennis Kecker and Mark Cameron. That’s good shooting in 14 degree weather.

But, here we go again. One of the other “youngsters” in attendance, Nash Olson, grandson to Daryll Olson, “quietly” posted a couple scores in the high 30’s and then BAM..he comes in with a 47 and takes a bunch of those 46’s out of contention. Great shooting Nash. Nash received some cash and the High Gun box of chocolates. Good to see.

Thanks to those that brought food to share. The Buffalo Cheese Dip, Pecan Cobbler, Prime Rib Cheese Dip, meat & cheese tray and cookies were all outstanding. Good food for a chilly day.

The Chocolate winners for 25 straights…Dennis Minks, Dennis Kecker, Reed Meyers, Sandy Jo Jack, Randy Jones,Scott Messenger, Jimmy Bowen.
For 24’s…Dean LeRud, Gary Pederson and Mike Johnson. Congrats everybody.

And the winner of the Heart Shaped Diamond Necklace…….Chuck McMacken….Way to go Chuck !!!

1st Class
Nash Olson  47
Dennis Kecker  46

2nd Class
Scott Messenger  44
Jimmy Bowen  44

3rd Class
Scott Steffen  43
Jeff Rempel  43

4th Class
Randy Jones  42
Daryll Olson  42

5th Class
Dean LeRud  40
Daryll Olson  40

6th Class
David Maples  38
Tim Raines    38

7th Class
Gary LeRud    34
Mark Hintz    34

Ties = Singles from the front, singles from the back then Handicap from the front.

Thanks to EVERYBODY that shot today, we appreciate it very much. A great way to spend a winter day.

Hope to see you next Saturday.

Jimmy Bowen

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